Self Confidence

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

What I now realize is that I am who I say I am and I will become what I BELIEVE. When I started loving myself for where I was at the moment instead of waiting to hit certain goals or milestones I started manifesting what my heart truly desired. Here are 3 things that I practice daily.

Embrace Your Body

Start with showing gratitude for your healthy body. If you are battling a condition show gratitude for the healing that will take place and say thank you to GOD in advance for a healthy body. When we focus on the inside instead of obsessing over physical appearance we will heal from within in return our outer appearance will shine and glow. I feel motivated to eat healthy and workout when I'm feeling good about myself. As women life starts in the womb including your own. Embrace, #love and #adorn your stomach. This is one of the reasons I adore #waistbeads. They make me feel sexy, connected and aware. The womb is were the soul lives so take care and love your midsection regardless of the appearance. If it is part of you then it is beautiful.

Stop Comparing Yourself

Its great to see other peoples results for motivation, but if you find yourself constantly comparing yourself to what you see on social media then you may want to slow down with the scrolling. Make your journey about you. Every woman has a different body shape, mind, DNA, genetics, goals, etc. There only pictures and you probably will never know the true story behind the fifty pictures they took to get the perfect angle to just post one.

Practice Self Care

#Self care is not just about massages and getting your nails done. That is great to do but it will only provide temporary joy. Learn to be confident enough to disconnect from negativity, spend time alone with your own thoughts and mind.

#selfcare #waistbeads #selflove

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