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The Future of Bella Body Beads


Dear Bella Body Beads Customers,


I trust this message finds you well and surrounded by inspiration.


In the spirit of continuous growth and creativity, I have decided to take a brief hiatus to focus on crafting an exquisite collection of new and unique waist beads. This break will allow me to delve deep into the creative process, explore fresh ideas, and bring forth a collection that reflects the passion and artistry that defines Bella Body Beads.


During this time, Bella Body Beads will temporarily pause operations, and our online store will be closed as of 2/29/24. However, this hiatus is not the end but a transformative pause, and I cannot wait to unveil the stunning creations that will emerge from this period of inspiration.


Please enjoy 40% off the remaining designs on the website.

Use promo code: peace40 at checkout. 


All orders placed by 2/29/24 will ship within 5 days. Your satisfaction remains our top priority.

Customer service both email and phone support will remain active.



Phone: 813-995-7184


I appreciate your understanding and support as I embark on this creative journey. I am confident that the new pieces will capture your imagination and elevate your expectations of what Bella Body Beads can offer.


Peace & Light,

Ashley Amanda

Bella Body Beads

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