Frequently asked questions

Why do some items sell out so fast?

The great thing about Bella Body Beads is that I make all pieces by hand and each waist bead is unique. I make new jewelry weekly. There is a chance that you wont see the same thing twice unless you do a custom order.

How do I measure myself for the waist beads?

Here is a video on how to measure yourself for waist beads https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lWsOt9iMXnc Use a fabric measuring tape, or download and print your own printable paper tape measure. printable-ruler.net Always remember to measure the correct part of your waist. Where would you like your waistbeads to hang? They typically fall below the navel, right above the hips. 1) Remove or raise any layers of clothing blocking your waist. 2) Measure where you want your beads to hang etc. below or above your navel. 2) Stand up straight while measuring. 3) Read the tape. Look at the place on the tape where zero end (very beginning tip) meets the other end of the tape measure. The location of this meeting point is your waist measurement. 4) Remeasure yourself one or two more times for accuracy.

What is the return policy?

Due to hygiene and the nature of our products, there are no refunds available once the product is shipped. Any losses or damages during or due to shipping will be replaced. Please make sure you measure your waist correctly. Orders cannot be returned for resizing. Tie-on Beads Please make sure to tie your tie-on beads tight and correctly. If you pop your beads once they have been tied they cannot be returned. Please watch our video on how to correctly tie your Bella Body Beads Tie-On Waist beads here https://youtu.be/3PnWsjdVqLM

Are the clasps nickel free?

Yes the clasps are nickel free. The claps are called barrel clasps by Bead Landing. Bella Body Beads is not responsible for any allergic reactions.

How do they assist in healing?

Waist beads bring awareness and have a different energy. They tell the stories of the daughters of Africa. They tell the story of our womb. They remind us that our curves and everything within our belly is what makes us women. While some of our waistbeads have energy crystals the main healing is through women embracing and celebrating themselves no matter the size. Healing starts with self-love.

Can I shower in my beads?

Bella Stretch Strands
While I do encourage our flexible Bella Strands to be worn all the time, even through bathing, things such as hard water, and some bath products may cause some beads to change or lose color. This is not due to the quality of the beads, but due to the varying quality of the soap and cleansers some people use, as they may be too harsh with detergents and fragrances for the finish of beads.

Because of this, we want to caution you against showering and bathing with your beads on, and recommend that you remove them beforehand. This helps the beads' appearance last as they were intended to, and minimize you replacing beads instead of building your collection. We still want you to wear them as much as possible, but we also want you to have your beads for as long as possible!

Bella Tie-On Strands
Tie on strands are designed for 24-hour wear and can be worn through showering, swimming (everything). Since the strands are tie-on they cannot be removed until you cut them off.

How long does it take to receive my order?

Regular Orders: Due to the Handmade Detailed Nature of our waist beads orders will ship within 7-10 business days from when you order (Monday-Friday) not including weekends.You will receive an email with tracking information once your order has shipped.​